The Collegian's coverage of Thresher and local community lifestyle.

Through relationships and experiences, the senior's Bethel journey has been one like no other.
The fifth-year senior has established himself as a leader both on and off the hardwood.
From early in the morning until deep in the evening, Luci's team works as a unit to serve the Bethel community.
The freshman Australian traveled further than any other Bethel College student to be a Thresher.
Every year the Student Activities Council provides the college with a fun team sport, but with an exciting twist. Mud. Volleyball. Or better known as…
JOSUE COY DICK Staff Writer Bethel College Mennonite Church, located on the southeast end of the Bethel College campus, attended by many Bethel College…
APRIL POWLS Staff Writer The end of the year brings many feelings. For some, it’s a time of stress. For others, a time of relief. And still others, a…
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