Friday, March 28, 2014

Changes in residence halls may affect students’ decisions regarding future housing

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Hayley Morrical
Staff Writer

As this school year comes to a close, housing information for next year becomes more of a concern for current students. Much of the housing information and regulations will stay the same, but a few minor changes are being made for the 2014-2015 school year.
In Haury Hall, there will be maintenance work done on the north side of the first floor. This will include carpeting work and minor work to the showers. Living quarters, based on the floors, may change for next year.
“There is some talk over moving women to the third floor, but it’s harder because we usually have more men than women and the third floor is larger,” said Aaron Austin, Vice President for Student Life. “When we get a better picture of our numbers we may change that, but we are shooting for a full building. Our ideal would be women on third, but space may cause to rethink that.”
In addition to these changes, the price of living in Haury has risen from $1,850 to $1,970 for a double room. Haury will remain a locked building and a freshman dorm.
Voth Hall will essentially stay the same as this year. There will be some minor work to the showers to try to figure out how to stop the leakage problem, but this may not be completed over the summer. Also, a new TV monitor will be added to the lobby in Voth to play slides, like the monitors in the cafeteria and the Haury Hall lobby.
The biggest change affecting Voth is the current Resident Director (RD), Amber Chalashtari, leaving. A search for a new RD is in the works, but no one has been hired as of press time. The price to live in Voth has also risen from $2,140 to $2,210 for a double room.
The residence hall with the most change for next year is Warkentin Court. There will be renovations in stacks two through nine that will be completed by the beginning of the 2014 school year. These renovations include new paint, new carpet, and bathroom work done to the stall dividers, vanities, and faucets. Due to the time constraint, the one stack will be shut down in order to complete renovations for the 2015-2016 school year.
A showroom in the nine stack will be available before this semester ends to show what renovations will look like. According to Austin, there is no final word yet for when the showroom will be available for students to see.
Student Life is confident the renovations will be fully completed in time for students to move in on-schedule for the Fall 2014 semester. The price of Warkentin also will rise from $2,155 to $2,200 for a double room.
Students wanting to live in Warkentin will have to enter into the “mod lottery” in order to choose a mod to live in. The mod lottery works by assigning students points based on grade levels, with the students with more credits getting more points. The group with the most points picks first, and then it continues down the list.
Overall, the biggest change relating to student life and the housing will be the change of the Resident Assistant (RA) position. RAs will now be called Community Assistants, or CAs. As the RAs were added into Warkentin Court last year, Austin says that lessons have been learned and the position has been refined.
“I think the initial issue was there was a little bit of ‘why is this happening,’ but now people know what’s going on. We hope the people will not see the CA to be the police and bust someone, but someone to give assistance. I think we will continue to refine the CA position. We want it to be a real leadership position on campus. I think that will be a benefit. I would like to do some things differently with student activities. It’s going to be continued development to see we are meeting the needs of all our residents,” said Austin.
If you have any questions on housing contact a member of student life.



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