Friday, November 8, 2013

Swap perfect way to find new dress for Gala

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Gala Swap is a group on Facebook for all current female students at Bethel College. It is a page where women can borrow formal dresses and upload photos of the dresses they are willing to let other people borrow on campus for the Christmas Gala. 
I remember two years ago, Student Life mentioned we needed to make it clear to students that they did not need formal attire to attend the event because some people did not own/have the means with which to obtain dresses or nice clothes and would not come to Gala. That’s awful. I know many girls who own multiple dresses and those dresses could be lent out. If I have extra dresses in my closet that are not being used and someone else is in need of a dress, why shouldn’t I give them up for people to borrow? That just makes sense. I tried to figure out a way in which dresses could be borrowed. The venue that would be the simplest and the most acceptable for all of the women on campus to use had to be Facebook because people could upload photos of their dress there.  
Right now, we have over 50 dresses available to be borrowed. This group is open to everyone, even if you already have a dress but want to wear something else. People have also used the page to ask about shoes and jewelry so it is not just dresses. 
Here’s what you do: If you have a dress you want to add to the page, take a picture of it or of you in it and post it to the page. Along with the post, mention what size the dress is, any special features it has (backless, comes with a wrap, etc.) and who they need to contact in order to try the dress out. 
To see what dresses are available, check out the page, and then look up who to contact about getting a dress. To find the page, type “Gala Swap” in the search tab on Facebook, and you should find it. If you can’t find it, email me at or message me on facebook and I can add you. If you do post a photo of a dress, make sure you bring that dress back with you from your house after Thanksgiving. 
Everyone should be able to dress up for a special event like the Christmas Gala. I feel like Gala Swap is a great idea and I hope people take advantage of it and post to it. I also hope that someone will be willing to be in charge of it next year. 

Information given by Audra Miller



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