Friday, November 8, 2013

Cheer team continues to grow, excite students and fans

9:00 AM

Mallory Black 
Staff Writer  

Pom-poms, hair bows, big smiles that never seem to fade and loud voices that can be heard across a field can only mean one thing: the cheer team is back and stronger than ever. 
The presence of cheerleaders is fairly new on the Bethel College campus, but an overall consensus from the student population is they are glad we finally have them.
The majority of college campuses have had cheerleaders for a long time, especially colleges in Kansas, such as Wichita State, Kansas State, and University of Kansas.   
The Bethel cheer team has been making quite the commotion at the football games already this year. From signs that say “Get on your feet” and “Go Threshers,” they are really helping people get in the spirit of the game.
“I really like watching their stunts. It’s quite enjoyable,” said Kendra Alison, senior from Hesston. 
At every game so far, the cheers have not disappointed when it comes to their tumbling and stunt acts. The cheerleaders have been doing their cheering and stunts in front of the student section to get the students more riled up at the games. 
“It seems that the cheerleaders are doing a great job of raising morale at the games. Students seem to be getting excited. I just wish that they would do a half-time show as well, to entertain the crowd during the break,” said one pleased student. 
Bethel is also fortunate enough to have a co-ed cheer team, consisting of cheerleaders and yell leaders. 
Having a co-ed team allows the cheer team to perform stunts that are otherwise difficult or impossible to do. Having men on the team allows for more stunts that require tossing or physical strength. The men of the team also have loud voices that can be heard all around the stadium. 
In the second year, the program has shown tremendous improvement. Stunts have shown vast change from last year to now, and the team appears to be closer. 

From all appearances, it looks as if the cheer team at Bethel is here to stay. They are doing their job of getting the crowd on their feet and even sometimes cheering along.



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