Friday, October 11, 2013

Women can be open about sexuality despite stereotypes placed by society

8:00 AM

Abby Christensen
Staff Writer

Stereotypes are everywhere.  Everyone classifies people and it seems to be a normal thing to do when gathering first impressions. In modern-day society, where there is technically no longer the segregation or sexual inequalities of the early 1900s, we are still stereotyping people with our grandparent’s views and close-mindedness.  A prime example of this is the fact most women are shy and timid instead of being proud when it comes to their sensual side.
Men are always the first to express their sensual side which is “normal” because males are supposed to be proud of what they have accomplished. So why are women shy and timid when talking about sex? We, as females, have been taught to treat our bodies as a temple. With this mindset, we try and preserve the value of innocence which has been drilled into our minds since birth. We grew up on fairytales about how women are always soft, delicate, innocent creatures. Rapunzel literally had her purity and innocence locked away in a tower. I could go on and on about fairytales and how society interprets them, but fact of the matter is the female population is being portrayed incorrectly.
In this modern day and age where women are the ones bringing home the bacon and being independent, why should their power end suddenly when the actions in the bedroom are discussed? Why do men get to be the only ones who can socially express their sex life and not be completely judged for their actions?
As women, we should be proud and happy we got some. Men are not the only people who benefit from intercourse. Sex helps improve skin, relieves stress (which women tend to keep built up naturally), and releases a rush of positive endorphins which help suppress depression. Women should be high fiving each other. We should be proud of our sexuality and our fun sex lives. In this modern day and age, we should enjoy the freedom we have claimed for ourselves instead of hiding in the shadows of the stereotypes hurled upon us. I am not saying this means everyone should go out and become a whore and sleep with five guys at once. That would be a lot of work. Just kidding. Instead, I am encouraging women to be proud of what they have accomplished rather than falling to a sexist mentality.
In a world where the traditional view has been only men can enjoy and express their pleasure, women must understand there is a new role to fill. We must understand women are already currently taking on new roles in the world and those roles should not stop when it comes to intercourse. So, the next time you women hear another woman had sex, be proud because she overcame the traditional stereotype that women should not express enjoyment of coitus.



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