Friday, October 25, 2013

Just how dangerous are firearms? - Guns are only as dangerous as the user

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Abby Phillips 
Staff Writer 

People always say guns are responsible for deaths and we should get rid of them. If this is a true statement, then we should take away cars because they’re responsible for drunk driving accidents. 
Like most things, guns are only as dangerous as the user who is wielding them.

For some people, having  guns for protection and other uses is necessary for their way of life. In terms of protection, without a gun you can’t very well defend yourself from an attacker until they are right up on you. If you see an attacker coming from ten feet away and he or she pulls out a knife, you have the option to shoot them tin order to protect yourself. And when I say shoot them, I don’t mean kill them; shooting an attacker in the leg would be just as effective as it gives you a substantial amount of time to get away.

A fair amount of people I know use guns on a daily basis for food. If not for guns, they would not be able to eat. They can’t make it to go to the store too often, so they shoot a fair sized buck and it’ll last them for months. So if we take guns away, what happens to those people?

The second amendment says, among other things, that people have the right to bear arms. It doesn’t say people are required to bear arms; they just have the opportunity available to them. Isn’t that what the United States is all about?

Some people always argue we should remember the children. My dad was a police officer and we had 10-20 guns in our house at any one time. My dad told me what they were and that they could 
potentially harm someone. He also taught me how to safely handle a gun, so as a child in a house full of guns, I never felt the need to just pick one up and mess around with it. If you have a gun, you should educate your child on what it is and how to properly use one.

When one talks about school shootings, it is often the gun that gets the blame, not the psychotic handler. Some people also come out and say things like, “Well, why didn’t someone with a gun stop that guy from shooting up that school?” 

That’s because our society is terrified of guns and doesn’t allow guns on school campuses. There are virtually no public buildings that allow a concealed carry, so the chances of someone stopping a shooting with their own gun are slim. Not to mention a person who tried to stop the assailant could very well go to jail for having a concealed carry in a prohibited area.

In the end, it’s all a choice. A choice to have a gun or not, to use a gun or not, or to even learn about guns or not. Those choices should be left up to you.



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