Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Facebook: Is it a social blessing or curse? - The curse of FB: Lives lost, lives damaged

11:53 PM

By Mallory Black
Staff Writer

Facebook has pretty much been a social curse since the day it was started. Sure, it makes keeping up with friends who are long-distance much easier, but at the same time, there have already been many examples of how truly detrimental Facebook can be. We have heard the stories of teens who have committed suicide because they were bullied to extreme measures on Facebook. Then, there are the stories of people being murdered because someone stalked them on Facebook and was able to find where they lived. Obviously, the loss of life is the biggest part of the curse concerning Facebook.
The curse of Facebook doesn’t just stop with lives lost. Granted, that is tragic in and of itself, but lives have also been completely ruined by Facebook. Marriages have been broken up because one of them caught their spouse cheating on their marriage on Facebook. Old high school sweethearts pop up out of the blue, and a relationship is rekindled, putting your current relationship in jeopardy. There are also people who have gone in for job interviews that require some sort of degree they possess. Those people are super excited they landed the job interview and are feeling confident they are well-qualified for the job opening. The interview goes well, and then later, they are shocked  they didn’t receive the job. Why? Because their potential future employer checked their Facebook and found compromising photos, posts or just a type of behavior they felt could make the company look bad, all of which could negatively present the interviewee causing the employer to choose another candidate.
However, the most recent curse that has come to light is one that we all might want to think long and hard about. Even if you are overly cautious of what you post on Facebook, who you allow to tag you in photos and are very careful about whom you “friend” on Facebook, this last curse can still stick it to you. Within the past few months, it has surfaced that anytime someone applies for a home loan, banks are checking your Facebook before approving the loan. They aren’t looking for the same things a potential employer would, though. They are checking your friends and, more importantly, their credit. Yes, you read that right. They are checking to see if you are friends with people who have good credit. If one of the friends they choose to check has defaulted on any type of payment, you might be kissing that home loan goodbye, right along with that dream house you had picked out. Even if you have been careful and made sure that your credit is solid, your friends can mess that up for you without your even realizing it.
While there are benefits to Facebook, remember the curses as well. I’m not advocating everyone delete their Facebook profile right now. I’m not even deleting mine right now. We just need to know Facebook comes with risks, just like everything else in life.  All I ask of you is this: accept friend requests with caution. Make sure you know them. If you couldn’t recognize the person if you saw them in Wal-Mart, then what’s the point of being friends with them on the internet? Don’t become the next Facebook victim.



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