Friday, October 11, 2013

Campus pranks should be executed with caution, intelligence

8:00 AM

Emma Bradley
Features Editor

The morning after Fall Fest, Bethel residents were greeted by stacked tables blocking an entrance to the Will Academic Center as well as a variety of other stacked and overturned tables throughout campus. Many of these tables, which Bethel had rented for Fall Fest, were damaged in the wake of this immature prank.
While most pranks do not have destructive intentions, they often turn out with harmful results.
Though any damages caused may be inadvertent, pranks often do go awry.
However, this is not to say pranks cannot be enjoyable. When pulled off correctly, pranks can provide amusement for all parties involved.
Bethel has a history of successful pranks pulled off by the infamous Herman Bubbert, which, for the most part, have had no unfortunate results.
In fact, earlier this semester Bubbert snuck several alarm clocks into Krehbiel Auditorium which proceeded to beep obnoxiously throughout Convocation. This prank may have been a shot to the speakers’ pride but was physically harmless.
In a prank like this one, there was no need for the pranksters to reveal their identities. If, however, damage has been caused, those behind a prank should take responsibility for their mistake.
Students should put a lot of thought into the potential consequences of pranks before execution. Pranks that could cause injury or damage to people or their property should typically be avoided unless you’re willing to pay the price for the inconveniences caused.
Last year, Resident Assistants in Haury attempted to hold a week-long prank war. Unfortunately, this event was cut short when students broke the code of conduct in order to attempt to execute a prank.
What we can learn from this is to keep campus policies and regulations in mind while preparing pranks. There are unlimited opportunities for pranks that are accessible to those with creative minds. Those who are unable to come with a safe, but still ingeniously devious prank are unworthy of using the name Herman Bubbert, anyway.
In short, if you’re too big of a wimp to clean up after yourself following a prank, leave it to Herman Bubbert. However, if you’ve got visionary ideas and are ready to clean up the mayhem you cause, then prank on, Threshers.



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